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Amethyst Geode

Amethyst Geode

Weight: 871grams

Size: H: 11.8cm x W: 10.5cm x D: 7.2cm               approx:


Amethyst can help people emotionally, particularly those who are grieving. This crystal can help a person deal with painful experiences and personal losses. It strengthens a person by bringing emotional stability and inner strength. Using Amethyst can connect one's emotional, physical, and mental aspects of a person.

Amethyst is considered the most powerful in terms of emotional balance since it centers one's emotions, giving people the ability to deal with both emotional highs and lows. It is also good for people who experience anxiety, fear, grief, loss, sadness and rage.

Aside from that, Amethyst can also cleanse the aura of a person while stimulating the crown and throat chakra. For this reason, jewelry with this stone are recommended to be worn on the heart or throat.

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