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Carnelian Flame

Carnelian Flame

Carnelian symbolises bold energy, warmth, and a joy that lingers as much as it empowers and stimulates. It's known for being a stone of courage, endurance, energy, leadership and motivation. Carnelians have inspired and protected us throughout history thanks to their rich bright coloring. Carnelian is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind. It helps in trusting yourself and your perceptions.

  • Measuring

    Weight:185 grams

    Size: Height 8.3cm x Width 6cm       approx;

    How to use Carnelian:

    1. Sexual balance or menstrual pain, place it over your Sacral Chakra

    2. Physical energy, place it at your Root Chakra

    3. Enhanced sexuality between partners, place it in your bedroom.

    4. Protection from psychic attacks, wear an amulet or necklace.

    5. Success in an interview, wear a bracelet or ring.

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