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Dyed Pink Agate Geode

Dyed Pink Agate Geode

Weight: 373g

Size: Height 9.7cm x Width 6.1cm x Depth 4cm


If you have any sort of anxiety or stress, Agate is one of the best crystals to work with to achieve a calmer, more balanced state. Agates soothing, grounding energy guides you out of a state of panic or overwhelm, and helps you get re-centered.

One way of working with any variety of Agate is through meditation. During your meditation session, set aside 20 minutes to connect with the agate crystal. Breathe deeply during your Agate meditation and you'll be able to deepen your access to its harmonizing energy, ask your Agate crystal to help you during your process of change, instability or stress by giving you support and stability to stay centered through it all.


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