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Maligano Jasper Sphere

Maligano Jasper Sphere

Maligano Jasper


Weight: 173g

Size: 5cm

What is Maligano Jasper, it was only found in the last 10 years in a small village on an island in Indonesia called Sulawesi ( part of the four Greater Sundaa Islands).

It contains multiple different colours of jasper such as blue, red, orange, yellow, grey and beige.

Maligano Jasper helps shred layers within themselves that no longer serve them. It transforms our spirit from within and provides an aura that can closely resemble a "rebirth" effect.

this pushes one to not only continue shedding layers of themselves, but also to begin questioning their surroundings and interactions daily. 

As you continue to use Maligano Jasper, one will also begin to loosen their minor obsessions with invaluable things.

Maligano protects you against negativity and is also an excellent grounding crystal. It not only stabilizes the aura but also balances the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies with ethereal.

You can use Maligano with the Sacral Chakra to help let go of negative thought patterns and habits that are ready to be released.

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