Moissanite 1-2carat 6 prong round cut 18k white gold plated sterling silver ring

Size: US . 7


What is Moissanite???


Crystal Moissanite is a gem-quality jewel similar to a diamond. This naturally occurring mineral was first discovered bt Dr. Henri Moissan in fragments from a meteor site in the Arizona desert. There wasn't enough of the mineral to be used for any practical application, but the natural particles had an incredible brilliance that appeared to even outshine diamonds.Since that initial encounter with the crystals over 100 years ago, scientists have tried to simulate natural moissanite, but didn't really achieve serious success until 1990'sTodays crystal moissanite jewelry is made from gems createdby putting silicon carbide through patented thermal crystal growing process. It's actually quite difficult to create, and probably why naturally occurring moissanite is so rare and minute.Some jewelry industry insiders believe that manufactured moissanite actually surpasses the diamond on several levels, but others disagree.Diamonds have long been standard for sparkling brilliance, in jewels and nearly anything else, however manufactured moissanite does have slightly higher refractive qualities. Moissanite has a peculiar quality known as"hexagonal polytipic", what that translates to in layman's terms is that the facets on the back of the crystal appear to double when viewed through the front, making it hard for your eyes to completely focus. This results in a marked difference in brilliance from diamonds that literally "dazzle"the eye.Does this mean that moissanite is the better of the two gems, again, industry insiders are divided in their opinions. Some actually do believe that moissanite is superior, while others feel the intense brilliance looks almost artificial. In the end, it seems to be a matter of personal preference.The diamond is still the king of the Mohr hardness scale, rating a perfect 10, however, manufactured moissanite isn't far behind. The crystals rate a mere .75 of a point behind the ever popular diamond.Whatever your thoughts are, don't buy a moissanite to replace a diamond, buy it for it's own unique beauty, because they are a beautiful gemin it's own right.
What is Moissanite???

Moissanite Ring 1-2carat