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Mookaite  Tumbles

Mookaite Tumbles

Mookaite is an Australian Jasper, it is thought to promote strength, vitality, courage and physical healing qualities. Mookaite is also known for its anti-aging properties. It embraces the power of an ageless spirit which helps you understand the correlation between the body and mind. It brings your beliefs about aging and degeneration to the conscious mind and imparts the knowledge that change is possible. 

Mookaite also assists in clearing negative issues retained in genetic memory so the next generation does not have to inherit these issues. It also limits unhealthy energy or thought patterns from your auric field which may be associated with aging.


As Mookaite is a protective stone, it is an ideal stone to wear or keep in your handbag or car. It helps you to be alert to danger. Allowing you to choose another more favourable path or option. It is also known to help in decision making and is a great crystal to travel with.

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