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Ocean Jasper Egg

Ocean Jasper Egg

Weight: 331g

Size: Height 7.5cm x Width 5.9cm


Ocean Jasper is a stone of joy and mindful expansion, the Ocean Jasper crystal meaning is linked with its ability to encourage deep relaxation, making it  the natural Valium in your healing crystal first aid kit. If chronic stress has you treading water, include Ocean Jasper in a healing layout to quiet down a ramped up nervous system. Access the warm and buttery vibes of this vibrant stone by meditating with it as part of your everyday wellness routine. In peaceful contemplation, gaze at your cleansed activated stone, noticing any thoughts that come up and taking inventory of your mind-body-spirit. Everytime you meditate with Ocean Jasper, the experience takes you deeper, which makes daily practice essential for a reawakening of the soul.

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