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Smokey Quartz Generator

Smokey Quartz Generator

Weight: 129g

Size: Height 7.9 x Weight 3.4


As there name suggest, these crystals generate energy. They also amplify other types of crystal energy. Quartz Generator crystals are ideal to use within group meditations. Especially ones that have a group of six, one per person per termination face, 

Smokey Quartz crystal is hugely valued because of how it helps you to cut through the illusions in life, and likewise remain centered when you come across new ideas that would otherwise leave you a little on the back foot. 

In more practical ways though, this stone is hugely useful too. You'll find that Smokey Quartz is able to offer you much in the way of emotional intelligence, helping you tonot react on just the first flash of feeling that comes to you.

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