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About us

Our why...

Why do we do what we do? Because we love to.

We founded Jack of all Crafts with one goal in mind: To share our successful experiences on what has worked best for us. We have carefully pieced together a balanced inventory of products and remedies that will help you create a more tranquil space for you to heal and nourish your mind in the space of your own home.   

Jack Of All Crafts is located in Shepparton, Victoria but we ship our products Australia-wide. We also attend markets in the area so keep an eye on our social media for upcoming markets as restrictions allow.



Hi, I'm Vivienne Adornato

Being a mother of 5, and grandmother of 4 beautiful children. It left me with little time to do what I really loved doing for me. I have dedicated my years not only to my family, but also my wonderful clients as their in-home carer looking after a range of disabilities. 

In 2018 when all of my kids had left the nest, and my work slowed down, an idea that was just a seed at the time had the chance to flourish. I spent an enormous amount of time feeding my own soul with natural and wellness remedies through Yoga, Meditation, Crystals, & self healing practices and consuming  literature to find what worked for me best.

After taking the time to reflect and re-assess where I was and what I wanted, it was simple. I wanted was to be happy, calm and content.  I began trying and testing different remedies to see what helped me the most. Now, my purpose is to share these with my community looking for the same thing I was.

I personally hand craft a lot of my products and love making products that make people feel a sense of tranquility, peace, or happiness from them. I personally inspect and source the rest from amazing suppliers.


Whether it is the visual presence of macrame, the energy from the crystals, the scent of the soaps, or the feel of live plants and cleansing the air around you. That is what fuels my soul and why I will continue my journey of self discovery to make sure I can keep delivering products and materials that give you what they give me. 

My favourite part of running this business is meeting my customers. I love talking about all of the different remedies and answering your questions about what Crystals help with what!


I run my stall from a couple of Country markets and you can find the calendar on our Facebook page. 

What soothes your soul?

We have an ever changing range of styles, colours, and purposes for all of our products, visit the shop to see what you are motivated by. 

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