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Mookaite Heart

Mookaite Heart

Mookaite is an Australian Jasper found in Western Australia, a stone of many colors.  Australian Aborigines consider it to be a healing stone that bestows strength. Mookaite encourages interest in new experiences and simultaneously bestows inner calm and a thirst for adventure helping to keep balance between external stimulation and inner processing.

Because Mookaite is good for balancing health and known for it's restorative properties, placing Mookaite underneath the pillow or bed at night can help recharge you as you sleep. Let it restore you when your body is most focused on regeneration.

  • Measuring

    Weight: 268 grams

    Size: Width  8.4cm x Height 7.35cm

    Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus, Root Chakra

    Numerical Vibration: Number 8

    Healing: Nurturing, Grounding, Shielding

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