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Zebra Jasper Generator

Zebra Jasper Generator

Weight: 44gm

Size approx: Height 6cm x Width 2.4 - $16

Weight: 34gm

Size approx: Height 5.4 x Width 2.1 - $12

Zebra Jaspers energy is very motivating, mood lifting and energetic. It carries within it a reminder to the bearer that it is possible to lose all of ones's energy and love by giving it away. 

It is said to be good for grounding during meditation and when doing spiritual work with the higher realms, it also helps to stimulate the transition from the material plane to the astral plane during meditation. Zebra Stone helps you to find your balance life. 

It encourages a generous, loving interpretation of the people in your life, helping you see beneath the superficial face of others to see there true nature in a loving light. Zebra stone is particularly effective at protecting your aura.

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